Asheville, NC and Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Epona, based in Europe and the US, today announced their 100th implementation of their Epona Matter Center with Epona tools solution. Leveraging the wide installed base of Microsoft® Office 365 and SharePoint at law firms and corporate legal departments, Epona has emerged as the leader of Matter Center utilization.

“It is exciting to see the rapid growth of Epona DMSforLegal and Matter Center in the US and Canada”, said Marcel Lang, President, EponaUSA. He added, “Epona has enjoyed a strong presence in Europe, and we are delighted to see the rapid acceptance of our products and tools in North America.”

Epona’s approach provides law firms and corporate legal departments the means to deploy the Matter Center with Microsoft’s Office 365 and SharePoint. This delivers a document management system which costs tens of thousands of dollars less to purchase, install, implement and support.

Epona’s USA Senior Consultant, Keith Vallely, added: “It’s quite simple. Epona tools enable law firms to use the Microsoft platform of Office 365, SharePoint on-line and the Matter Center as a document and email management system. We can prove it. Epona has pulled it all together for hundreds of law firms, including Groups and soon to be announced, Teams capability.”

Shelly Papadopoulos, Firm Administrator, Karlin & Peebles, LLP added “Choosing Epona’s DMSforLegal and Matter Center was truly a smart decision. Our biggest challenge had been the ability to find documents, and now we have a system that allows us to manage matters from the moment of client intake. When we combined easy-to-use functionality, easy to use set-up and unbelievable support, the choice was clear – Epona.”

Nicholas Schopp, JD, LLM, Managing Attorney, AEGIS Professional Services, agreed and stated “As the main legal technical person for the firm for the last 8 years, I know the other choices that exist for document management systems (DMS). We knew our firm wanted to harness the power of SharePoint, and not have to change the way our team does business. Adding Epona Matter Center, our DMS has tremendous power, it’s easier for billing and runs more efficiently. Quite simply, Epona was the right choice.”

Ryan P. Helmer, IT Manager, Greene Espel, PLLP shared his perspective, “Epona’s DMSforLegal and Matter Center provides strength in its simplicity of use and power to manage documents. It is all on a Microsoft platform, so add in the combined resources from both Microsoft and Epona. It is clearly built with the future in mind, so that AI and other burgeoning functions can be easily incorporated once they are ready for prime-time.”

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Lexxyn Groep

Lexxyn Groep is de totaal ICT-dienstverlener voor de juridische praktijk. Zes intensief samenwerkende partners bieden gezamenlijk alles wat de advocatuur, het notariaat en de deurwaarderij nodig hebben.