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Epona Legal provides Document Management to Clio users through partnership

Epona Legal has teamed up with Clio and CloudyIT to provide a complete IT platform to legal professionals in the UK. Epona Legal provides the Office 365 based DMSforLegal, now fully integrating with Clio’s practice management system.

Bart van Wanroij, Managing Director at Epona Legal: “The integration provides users a seamless integration between Clio and our DMS. The powerful information management tools built into our DMS, combined with the matter management system from Clio allows legal practices to get full control over their legal documents and matters. Because our DMS is fully Office 365 compatible you can easily file incoming e-mails, documents or other relevant information to matters in Clio.

On top of that, our Machine Learning based classification tool predicts to which matter an e-mail or document should be filled which saves users a lot of time. Because we can track and register time spent on i.e. writing an e-mail, we can also provide this information to the billing system. This will save Clio users a lot of time in their administration, and immediately starts adding to their financial bottom line. It’s a win-win: easier document management, and better and easier administration.”

Architect en leverancier van ContactManager en DMSforLegal, toonaangevende software oplossingen voor relatiebeheer en digitale dossiervorming binnen de juridische praktijk.

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