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Lexpo 2019

This year, Lexpo will return bigger and even better! Two full days, action-packed with the latest trends in legal innovation, thought-provoking strategic themes and only the legal world’s best speakers, at a breath-taking venue located in Amsterdam's roaring city centre.

Lexpo also offers a unique opportunity to connect with renowned industry experts, leading providers of legaltech software and services, and to hear from other innovative law firms and learn lessons from their pioneering approaches.

Meer informatie: www.lexpo.com


SJBN - Advocaat & Ondernemerdag

woensdag 02 oktober 2019

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LAW2019 Manchester - Epona Legal

woensdag 09 oktober 2019

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BigHand User Conference 2019

dinsdag 15 oktober 2019

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Ronde tafeldiscussie: "De juiste keuzes maken op het gebied van ICT voor de juridische praktijk"

donderdag 24 oktober 2019

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SJBN - Jonge Balie Congres 2019

donderdag 07 november 2019

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